American Horror Story season 8: what we know so far

In the seven years since American Horror Story first hit our screens, its impeccable cast, unpredictable storylines and experimental aesthetic has been it become a linchpin of the contemporary television landscape, often credited with making the horror genre credible again. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming season…

Who’s in it?

Sarah Paulson, who has starred in every season of the show, will return for its eighth instalment, and will direct its sixth episode. Telling US website Gold Derby that “[her] character is something [she’s] never done”, Paulson prompted speculation that she could be playing three roles in the season, given that the crossover theme suggests she could reprise two of her previous characters. Evan Peters who, like Paulson, has featured in each AHS season, will also return, assuming the role of a comic hairdresser and directing one episode. Joan Collins, in her American Horror Story debut, will play Peters’ character’s grandmother, while Emma Roberts will reprise her role as witch Madison Montgomery. Another big announcement is that Cody Fern, the breakout star from The Assassination of Gianni Versace, will join the cast as Michael Langdon, a character who last appeared as a baby in season 1.

It’s also been confirmed that Jessica Lange, who featured in the show’s first four seasons and won two Emmys for her performances, will come back as Constance Langdon, and Stevie Nicks, who appeared in Coven (season 3), is also returning. Show regulars Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter and Cheyenne Jackson will also star.

Cody Fern, who played David Madson in in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, is joining the cast (FX)

What’s the theme?

Though there was a lot of speculation that the anthology series next theme would be “Radioactive”, it has since been confirmed as “Apocalypse”. What’s more, back in June, show creator Ryan Murphy also announced via Twitter that it would be a crossover between Murder House and Coven, American Horror Story’s first and third seasons. 

What’s it about?

That it will be based in late 2019 suggests that, like season 7’s Cult, it could be rooted in the current political landscape. The unification of Murder House and Coven characters, however, suggests a supernatural element. Thanks to the season 7 finale epilogue, we also know that Michael Langdon is the anti-Christ, and his return is likely to have something to do with the season’s titular apocalypse. Additionally, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy has called this season “high concept” and alluded to a “huge thing that happens in episode 5”.

When and where can I watch it?

Season 8 will premiere on FX in the US on 12 September and in the UK on FOX on 27 September.

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