Britain's favourite sandwich filling revealed in new survey

When it comes to lunchtime staples, few dishes drum up the contentions of the classic sandwich.

Your preferred filling doesn’t just mark your culinary tastes, it can say a lot about your personality.

For example, would a spicy coronation chicken-lover ever find a rapport with a humble ham man?

The jury might still be out on matters of filling compatibility, but fear not as new research has revealed the ultimate ubiquity of sandwich land: the nation’s favourite flavour is in fact, cheese.

Warburtons surveyed 2,000 Brits to find that more than half of them rated a plain cheese sandwich as superior to its more complex counterparts.

The winning sarnie was closely followed in preference by ham and cheese, ham salad and sausage.

Other popular contenders include in the list were egg mayonnaise, tuna mayo, and chicken mayo. See the full ranking below.

The five most popular sandwich fillings for everyday occasions

  1. Cheese
  2. Ham and cheese
  3. Ham salad
  4. Sausage
  5. Cheese and onion
  6. Egg mayonnaise

“With so much choice these days, it’s interesting to see such a classic retain its crown,” commented a spokesperson for Warburtons.

Ahead of the royal wedding this weekend, survey participants were also asked to rank their favourite sandwich fillings for special occasions – because sandwich fillings are nothing if not synonymous with regal splendour.

In fact, the research revealed that one in four Brits has the propensity to change their sarnie eating habits depending on the occasion, with some opting for more premium variations to mark landmark events.

Topping the special occasions list was the Christmas sandwich, usually made from turkey and trimmings included in the day’s traditional feast, followed by smoked salmon and cream cheese, chicken and stuffing, prawn mayonnaise and chicken mayonnaise.

The findings also revealed that Brits eat an average of four sandwiches a week, with 82 per cent lauding it as their favourite lunchtime dish.

In a sea of artisan baguettes, gluten-free wraps and trendy sushi boxes, it’s comforting to know that the humble sandwhich pertains its stratospheric acclaim.

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