Laurel or Yanny? Your favourite celebrities decide

The Internet is facing another crisis of “the dress” size proportions: Yanny or Laurel

Those of you who don’t spend their days drudging through Twitter are probably wondering “What does that sentence mean?”

Well, social media users have been furiously debating whether they hear the word Yanny or Laurel in the above audio clip. Some people hear Laurel. Others make out the word Yanny. Some people hear something else completely. 

While there’s already an explanation as to why you may hear different things based on frequencies your ears pick up and the headphones/speakers you’re listening through (explainer here), the Internet continues to argue over the highly contentious subject. 

The Yanny/Laurel paradox has gotten so huge that various stars of film, television and music are chiming into the discussion. Those who hear Yanny include Steven King, Ryan Adams, It‘s Nicholas Hamilton, Bebe Rexha, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Melissa Fumero.

Conversely, Christine Teigen, Ellen DeGeneres, and Piers Morgan are on the other side.

And then there are some people flip-flopping between the two…

Whatever the case, the Internet will surely be debating which word they hear until the next obscure conundrum comes along.

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